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Re: young leaders

May 04, 1997 08:12 AM
by JRC

On Sat, 3 May 1997, M K Ramadoss wrote:
> >	Well, Emily Sellon and Fritz Kunz are both dead, now. I don't know if
> >there is anyone out there who has the confidence of the benefactors and
> >the knowledge and imagination to go forward.
> >
> I feel that if a young very charismatic and able (and non political) leader
> were to emerge, the benefactors will support.

HA! I say HA! The chances of such a person emerging are already
exceedingly slim, and getting slimmer every day. The problem is that the
TS apparently still hasn't noticed that its the 20th century, and almost
the 21st ... not the 19th. There are thousands of organizations around the
world currently that are out there ... running full tilt to put into
*practice* the altruism, humanism, and aid to "poor orphan humanity" that
the TS preaches. There are young, dynamic, charismatic and very able folks
all over ... but *why* would they want anything to do with the political
crap, institutional nepotism, philosophical inbreeding, shadowy little
self-important ES cabal and intellectual condescension they'd have to wade
through before they'd be permitted to begin to make even the slightest
difference in the TS?

Charismatic and competent personalities generally know full well their own
value, and when they go to choose their avenue of service (if, that is,
they choose to work with a group instead of beginning their own) they seek
a place that will be a foundation ... not a chain.

The TS generates a lot of nice rhetoric about wanting new fresh blood (and
in fact, will likely die without it) ... but in a thousand overt and
subtle ways radiates a vibration that downright repels any such infusion.

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