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Re: I'm baaaaaack!

May 03, 1997 08:26 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:24 PM 5/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, after a day and a night of battling the netcom demons, the Terrible
>Uncle Chuckie has returned in a new incarnation.
>Gnashing of teeth in certain quarters as appropriate.
>Uncle Chuckie
Glad to see you back.

Some time ago a friend of mine had signed up with Microsoft Network - yes he
got free software with the machine and also the "free" trial period. Somehow
his pass word got messed up and could not retrieve anything for several
days. The toll free number was always busy. I even sent a couple of e-mail
msgs on his behalf and was directed to call the same toll free number. After
several days finally the pass word problems was fixed. This is what happens
when you deal with large nationwide outfits.

I have always dealt with a local provider who can fix the problem in a snap.
One time I was even given the owner's cell phone number so that if there is
a problem I can call. This is in addition to having the beeper number of the
manager in charge here.

What I found was that if we are looking for efficiency and support, nothing
beats a local entrepreneur run operation. Every one who has consulted me has
signed up with the local ISP. One time they even sent one of their
technicians to a customers home twice to make sure the access is working ok.
This is at no extra charge.

Just wanted to share my experience.


PS: When I signed up for Internet service it was activated in 5 minutes. All
I had to give was major credit card number over phone.

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