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Apr 30, 1997 09:48 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Karma and Reincarnation are the two key ideas in the Indian and Eastern
Thought. Much has been written about both of them.

This evening when I had some opportunity to ponder over principle or law
of Karma, I was struck with its complexity, at least from a theoretical
point of view since I do not have any first hand knowledge as to how
laws of Karma work.

The immense complexity is easy to see. For example we interact with our
families and affect them and are affected by them. Similarly we interact
with our neighbors, friends, strangers, business associates, teachers,
students etc etc. In addition by our actions we may affect a large
number of individuals depending on the kind of situation we are in and
the impact of the actions on others.

This is just for one individual. When we take into account millions of
individuals, the fundamental issue for me is one of orchestrating all
this and keeping track of the "accounting". For most of us, even
balancing the check books is a herculean job. So this is an immense
task, because any inaccurate tracking will result in some injustice
being done to one or more or even millions of individuals.

This brought up the possibility. May be in the 3 dimensional world and
the knowledge we have, the whole thing looks very immense and
staggering. May be in a higher dimension, one can see how all the
accounting is going on.

This also makes me wonder if all the information that has been handed
over about Karma, may be a very simplistic one just to remind us that it
is not good for the welfare of the humanity and all living beings and
things to do certain things. A reminder so that not only if listened to
and followup, will help make this a better world and all will be
beneficiaries. At the same time it may be a warning that a certain price
has to be paid by some one for everything he/she does.

I would like to get feedback on this issue.


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