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Re: Weird lately?

Apr 26, 1997 11:00 PM
by Titus Roth

On Fri, 25 Apr 97 11:42:04 EDT "K. Paul Johnson" <>

> After one of the strangest nights at the library in history,
> with the computer system doing inexplicable things and several
> really odd encounters with patrons, I got home and called a
> friend halfway across the country.  He started reeling off all
> the odd and disruptive things that were happening in his life
> lately (caught in a flood, for one) and in those of his
> friends.  I could match the stories for strange and stressful
> oddities in my own life recently.  And in those of friends.
> So am posting with this rather vague question.  Has anyone else
> noticed that life seems a lot weirder than usual lately,
> unpredictable, stressful?  Am wondering if planetary
> configurations are at work.

Mercury has been retrograde since April 14th. Many times when Mercury was
retrograde, I noticed weird things happen with the computers at work bordering
on the supernatural.

Speaking of planetary conditions, the first Full Moon in Taurus (Wesak or
Buddha's birthday) was last Tuesday. My teacher told how Buddha and the Christ
work together at this time of year. Is there any theosophical writing on
Wesak? (I think Alice Bailey has written some).

"The world is frenzied with hatred
and torn with strife;
Its ways are crooked,
Of lust are its fetters.
O Great Soul, save them
Who long for thy re-birth.
Bring to them the deathless message,
And, nectar-filled,
Let the lotus of Love unfold its petals.
Serene, free,
Immeasurably holy and merciful,
Wipe away all stains from this earth."

>From "Lord Buddhas Birthday" by Rabindranath Tagore

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