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Hello again

Apr 24, 1997 05:14 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma.

Hello to all friends!
Thoa, i want to thank you for your kindly note (Health) trying to help
me, also thank you M.KRammadoss for your aquotations.i will keep them in
I haven't read any posts recently, i will print them and read them in my
house for being on schedule on time. and read the new ones then.
Today is the first day i feel well, sort of. i want to tell you other thing:
I have this problem, i really need the help of theosophy students for this,
really. i kindly beg your attention to this. 
I don't know, probably because i'm Libra-Gemini, but i have this real problem
trying to do things, i sometimes start the things but don't conclude them
never, or with a lot of difficulty, Have a real problem with the concentration
of my mind and my emotions. i think i know where is the problem, but i don't
know how to manage with it. seems that the problem (as i was speculating in
the last time i said , as is a relation with the chackras-bad health of the
organs involved in the chackras region-place of their rule , is also the
problem of the type of emotion-taught and the chackra involved, i presume.
this problem , of my lack of concentration of energy ,has gone to a point 
where my self says "I want to do this" and my emotions said " but i want to
do this and this and this and this also" and my mind is divagating, floating
in a wave of taughts, i keep thinking and thinking and thinking , but
seems i cannot focus on the problem of how to manage with the situation,
even that now im concious of the problem,but it seems that i am too slow and
too slow and too slow and other pepole here in school know how to manage 
the problem real easy and i keep being real desesperate and nervous and
when i think i begin to manage the problem, something happens that distracts
me, other person-problem (i lost a book, for example) i get sick or depressed
(like last time, i was so tremendously depressed that i got sick) and
when i get well finally i still am too way slow, and i want to focus my
energy.....!WAH! @-*  
 (me being real nuts and desesperate)
So, please, if you know how to manage this, i will obviously take your
help in great value ,of course.
Thanks , of all, really.
P.S. i'm really happy to talk to you. your place has really claryfied my mind
in many questions, in others has maked my mind confirm my taughts.
And forgive me my selfishness, but really , i feel so lone and desesperate, 
that i need i think "a little help from my friends" 

Thanks to all , thanks Thoa, Thanks, 'Doss, thanks all. really.

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