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To Lynn

Apr 21, 1997 02:16 PM
by Thoa Tran

Hi Lynn,

I can't quote you because I left your post on the other computer.  I pretty
much agree with your statements.  That means our telepathic mode must be
on! (Spock fingers, "My mind to your mind..." :o))

On your comment regarding yogis, etc., I agree that as you move up on the
Path, your physical needs lessen.  However, I was thinking in terms of most
of us shmucks.  Actually, I see from my print out of your post that you and
I also agree on this.  Heck, then why am I writing? :oD (need to look for
Titus' smiley faces and tape it on the computer).

Lastly, about the weirdness of closely observing people, "smelling" them,
Sherlock Holmes would have said, "All in a day's work!"

Okay, so we agree, how boring. :o)


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