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Jesuit Training etc.

Apr 18, 1997 10:57 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Here is a quote form ML to APS No: 30; Adyar 3rd Edition:

You have once upon a time called us Jesuits; and, viewing things as you do,
perhaps, you were right to a certain extent in so regarding us, since
apparently our systems of training do not differ much. But it is only
externally. As I once said before, they know that what they teach is a lie;
and we know that what we impart is truth, the only truth and nothing but the
truth. [hey work for the greater power and glory (!) of their order; we -
for the power and final glory of individuals, of isolated units, of humanity
in general, and we are content, nay forced - to leave our Order and its
chiefs entirely in the shade. They work, and toil, and deceive, for the sake
of worldly power in this life; we work and toil, and allow our chelas to be
temporarily deceived, to afford them means never to be deceived hereafter,
and to see the whole evil of falsity and untruth, not alone in this but in
many of their afterlives. They - the Jesuits sacrifice the inner principle,
the Spiritual brain of the ego, to feed and develop the better the physical
brain of the personal evanescent man, sacrificing the whole humanity to
offer it as a holocaust to their Society - the insatiable monster feeding on
the brain and marrow of humanity, and developing an incurable cancer on
every spot of healthy flesh it touches. We - the criticized and
misunderstood Brothers - we seek to bring men to sacrifice their personality
-a passing flash - for the welfare of the whole humanity,. hence for their
own immortal Egos, a part of the latter, as humanity is a fraction of the
integral whole, that it will one day become come. They are trained to
deceive; we-to undeceive; they do the scavenger's work themselves - barring
a few poor sincere tools of theirs - con amore, and for selfish ends; we -
leave it to our menials - the dugpas at our service, by giving them carte
blanche for the time being, and with the sole object of drawing out the
whole inner nature of the chela, most of the nooks and corners of which
would remain dark and concealed for ever, were not an opportunity afforded
to test each of these corners in turn. Whether the chela wins or loses the
prize - depends solely on himself.

What prompted my interest was the comment that "apparently our systems of
training do not differ much." Secondly, the comment that they work for the
sake of wordly power in this life.

Have any of you seen or known anyone who has been trained as Jesuit and
later became interested in theosophy? 

It appears to me that once someone has been trained as a Jesuit, it may be
extremely difficult to get rid of the habits developed during training, they
may last life long. A Jesuit trained is very likely to work for spiritual
*power* now or in a future life, since the training could be so ingrained in
the personality. Such motivation could be very powerful, as the personality
has a predisposition to name and fame and wants to feel superior and
cleverer and sharper than the rest of humanity.

Any comments from your personal experience and or observation?

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