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in defense of money

Apr 18, 1997 04:03 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

I was a teenager with 3 school uniforms, and one blouse & skirt for when I
didn't need to wear the uniform. When I got to the point of making my own
money, I always valued it for what it could buy me, which included a certain
amount of security. I still think money in itself means nothing, but
whatever it can buy, does ... like theater tickets, and some pretty clothes
to make me feel good, and a turquoise ring to enjoy looking at. Or when I
got older I could afford the peridontist who saved my teeth for a while. Or
now that I'm old I can afford a computer, also to hire some Home Health
Aides to help me. As long as I can pay for that, I can stay here, where I'm
considered an indivudual, and I love it. If I can't afford aides anymore,
I'll have to go to a nursing home, where I'll be a number, and not
considered very important anymore. I never had enough money to spoil me, but
I value the things it buys me. I think what applies to money, as to
everything else, is the Middle Way.


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