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Please, another thing...

Apr 16, 1997 03:34 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma.

Hello to all here
Just to say few ,oore points:
to the person called, just to say to him/her:
Please, as i said before, don't ABUSE of the abreviatures, for us not
born in english speaking countries, and with some difficult still in
english, it is too hard to understand so much abreviatures!!!
Please, keep it in mind, please...
Point 2:
Still, in the controversy of the races, if they were the third or the fourth,
i just can recall, like a great writer of Mexico said (Jose Vasconcelos)
"We all are the 5 race, the cosmic race"
(I do not know of any theosophical link of him, but he could)
So, just don't bother if the Australian Aborigins are of the 3 rd or the 
5 ft race, and don't care. in our time, now, with in America, the revindication
of the native cultures, and in all the world, the REMAINS OF THE OTHER RACES
(For "remains" i do not said "primitive" or "retarded" just only the pure
unmixed breed, perhaps, with a rich knowledge and culture, that makes them
a race, i DO NOT BELIEVE  the think atribuited to Bessant or Cobb or Blavatski
that says "in the begining of the 6th root race, races shall do not be mixed"
Use common sense, pepole here, the pretending "purity" of races is a racist
taught , and indign of a Great person as them . i believe that the
interpretation strict of the sayings of the Theosophical leaders tends to
make minds get to the mistake. 
I was begining to think that were some errors of understanding in Bart ,
but in his last posts, his "rebelty" make to  me lot of sense. we don't have
to folow theosophy postulates so literal, because in any taught of them,
is include many senses of the same word. 
For example: (point 3)
Of the "races" the 3rd, the 4rth, etc etc etc, i believe that , if they
called the races by numbers, was because of THE TIME OF THE APARITION OF
THE RACE, if we can remember what antropologists Leakey (both Leakeys)
said "the first human being came from africa" that means and is, a
comprobation of Blavatsky-Codd saying, The first human root race, the
African, the first CIVILIZATION"
and, pretending, like some say , that the firsts root races were "primitive"
or a "savage culture" it is, obviously, a racist and facist taught.
just because the arian swamis or mahatmas do not have testimonies of the
great Black civilization,or, because of their rivality, minimize them, is
not justification for not thinking and submiting ourselves to errror.
Even i Believe that Blavatsky and Bessant and the others knew, but, because
of the lack of information, i believe (they based mostly on the mahatmas
information) they only could cite the most closely to what they got, and,
even, they got infering that most of their information was in sometimes,
a bit tendentious, i believe ,they, as pure souls, try to minimize the
agresive racial enfasis in the scripts.
And also i believe Clara Codd was not a racist. also beside their cultural
knowledge and context (England) we have to include this.
And , just to remember:If now, in finish of the 20 century, we as "civilizied"
beings, in the time of computers and tv and all that stuff, in US, the pepole
still is touchy" in racial subjects (When are we going to learn?" as
Jamiroquai said) and is prevalecient "political corectness" and stufflike
that, Imagine , in that time, how could pepole had be? with all of the lack
of information?? ??? (Homework assignment)
I suggest that all of us excercise our minds, but most of all, our hearts.
First the common sense, and also first, the common heart. (Mankind as a whole)
All the races are the same!! that one begin first that other, and another
made mistakes, doesn't mean that the suffering descendants (like the poor
american (ALL AMERICA, not just "North America" like some pepole say by
mistake) indigenuos pepole) of the pure unmixed root races,  have to be
so severe jugge by somethings that their ancestrals (many of them i believe,
now incarnated in other races) made in some sink continents that we do not
know by now, is true, is too severe of us to judge pepole by their karma
present, because almost none pepole knows of their past errors of their past
lifes!! is true, we cannot do much in most cases, we cannot interfer with
their karma, but, the most we can do to help (like the doctor or the priest
in a jail like someione here said) is, our duty, because, the one who knows
more, is,indeed, obligated to do more.
P.S. I hope this letter can be read well, because i have to back to write it
well many times, and this letter mail sistem is really gross.
Bye!! Be well and happy everyone.

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