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Re: Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 16, 1997 11:29 AM
by Thoa Tran

>I could tell by the rest of your post that that helped. You were much more
>.. calm. Sattvic. In tune with the cosmos.

I thought I was more in tune with the cosmos when I was hyper.  Everyone
assumes the cosmos is calm.

>"Rejects of society, the orphans, the bastards, the incest victims, the
>homosexuals, the gender confused, the drug addicts, the clones" ?? I fail to
>see how any of them apply except for possibly "bastards". There you might have
>a case.

Okay, I didn't reread my other post.

>Actually, I try to treat each person as a special case - setting aside as best
>I can any notions based on their background. I am aware of certain statistical
>discrepancies between people of different gender, nationality ... etc, but if
>I pidgeon-holed people that way I would have to suspect each white male I met
>of being violent, emotionally unavailable - and a poor dancer! I have a
>personal interest in not doing that.

However, in my experience, white males are all poor dancers.

>Well, I think I see your point that you must allow a person to prove himself
>or herself. But I have to give Alice Bailey/Djwal Khul a thoughtful pause -
>especially when I see vast numbers of people with seemingly no conscience
>being born. In the volunteer work I did I saw parents who did not want to be
>parents; and I saw how badly their children turned out. Nature or nurture? If
>you say nurture entirely, I guess I can't really disprove it.

It depends on how extreme the nurture is weighed against the nature.  It's
like how much stress can you take.  Some people crack under pressure that
others thrive on.  That doesn't necessarily mean that one is less evolved.
It could just mean the right buttons were pushed.

>I agree you begin with empathy. As long as you don't collude with a desire to
>perpetuate behavior he/she knows deep inside is harmful. Many well meaning
>people, who want to be liked by a person more than they want to help them, can
>fall into this trap. That is a disguised form of meeting one's own need before
>the other's.

And how about people with a desire to help disguising their need to
control.  There are people who help in ways that are condescending, "THESE
people need our help."  I recall the missionaries thinking that they can
help these PRIMITIVE (note the underlying INFERIOR) cultures.  There are
people who *help* because they are controlling, because they can't stand
that someone is living differently than them.


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