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Re: Root Races

Apr 16, 1997 00:44 AM
by Tom Robertson

>I thought 'root race' meant stages of evolution in a particular 'round,' not
>actual references to physical human species.  Is not 'root race' meant to
>denote varieties of consciousness and awareness?
>Some individuals on this list have been referring to definite physical races
>of people as symbolizing a 'root race.'  If this is true, then, it is no
>wonder some well-known Theosophists were so easily dazzled by the Third
>Reich. . .

As was the case with the Third Reich's emphasis on racial purity, from what I've
read, physical characteristics are also relevant to root races.  The physical
vehicle (to use Heaven's Gate terminology) must have certain characteristics to
be compatible with the ensouling life.  I recall reading, probably in a book by
Besant and/or Leadbeater, that, in the beginning of the 6th root race, no
intermarrying with anyone of previous root races will be permitted for a while,
for the sake of maintaining certain physical qualities in the new race.

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