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Re: Blavatsky on Satan, evil ... etc.

Apr 14, 1997 04:18 PM
by Thoa Tran

>I suppose they would have to be considered case by case.

Why do you have to consider whether souls from lusty unions are highly
evolved or not?  What about considering souls from well-bred, Leave It To
Beaver families?  I know of many from such families that did not seem to be
much evolved, if not downright cruel, insensitive, selfish, and

By your support of that soul theory, you have basically said that souls
born of third-world nations, war torn nations, suppressed minorities, and
the poor and the disadvantaged are not evolved.  Take any one of those
souls, give him/her food, shelter, education and advantages that the people
in the U.S. take for granted, and watch that person excel probably beyond
anyone else.  Disadvantaged souls have had to endure much.  There are
children whose mother doused them with alcohol and drugs when they were
fetuses, causing them to develop attention deficit disorders and tendencies
toward addiction.  There are children who are forced to focus more on being
street wise and staying alive than on school lessons.  There are children
beaten, neglected and abused.  There are children deprived of nourishment
that would help their brain and body grow.  Any souls, advanced or not,
that have to face these earth problems, are not going to be wonderful,
developed souls.

>Some claim that highly evolved souls have the ability to overcome or mitigate
>their childhood and ancestral baggage.

And some souls with all the advantages in the world since birth seem
soulless.  Just look at some souls in Ivy League schools and souls running

>Certainly I have seen different outcomes between nearly identical cases of
>childhood traumas. In one case a person is able to cope with their trauma,
>in another the person is a basket case. I attribute the difference to
>different past-life strengths.

Perhaps it is from different past-life strengths.  That I could not
dispute.  However, I've been friends and acquaintances with people with the
best that their parents can give them, who have never had to face
adversity, and they're psychological basket cases.  They blame their
parents for all their problems.  Things that I would consider only a spoil
brat would notice.  They look at the world in terms of what they can get
from the world, what the world owes them.  They are so self-absorbed that
they could never sympathize with anyone else.

>Also, not all works of genius are spiritual creation. I have known many
>intellectually brilliant people whose creation was for egos sake and who
>were a**holes.

That includes just about everybody.


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