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An Idea

Apr 06, 1997 12:16 PM
by Thoa Tran

>>Nothing philosophical or theosophical in the brain lately.  Writing about
>>such things takes so much words and energy!  It's easier doing volunteer
>>work.  H.P. Blavatsky.  There, I said it.
>You just don't give a damn, do you?
>Alan :-)

Not one iota.  Those of us who don't give a damn travels so much more
easily through life.

I did not get a couple of your e-mails, this referenced one included,
through the undigest way.  However, I saw them in the theos digest.  I did
notice advantages and disadvantages of not getting the digest form.  In
individual format, I get the e-mails as they come in.  In the digest
format, I get to see the group dynamic, which I prefer.  However, the best
thing about the individual format is that I get to miss some of your
e-mails.  :o)


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