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an idea

Apr 04, 1997 11:48 AM
by liesel f. deutsch


I agree with you. Crank calls are unpleasant & upsetting to say the least.
I've had a few in my time. I'm glad you managed to scare him off. I usually
hang up, & then unhook my phone for 1/2 hour. 
I once got a  very graphic description on my answering machine from some nut
who thought my friendly "please leave a message" meant I was a prostitute.
For a while, a small girl with a filthy mouth left messages on my answering
machine every few days. Also, she was going to come over & rape me. I felt
really badly that a small child was doing this. It was a call for help,
which I had no way of answering, since I didn't know who she was. So finally
I disconnected my answering machine for a few months.

Just so you don't think you're all alone in this.


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