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Re: Hello to all!! :)

Apr 03, 1997 09:35 PM
by Thoa Tran

>Hello to all here! :)
>I'm a young girl of 25 years and i'm interested in having friends from all
>around the world, caring, who have interest in trying to change the world in
>a positive way,and who have open minds to the phenomenoms of nature visible
>and invisible,who believe than manckind can change, in a positive and
>beautiful way!
>i like to have especcialy friends about my age, with common interests (18-
>29 years) byut any age is welcome, the important thing is having a young heart,
>and for that is not important the age of the body.
>so please be free to write to me!
>P.S. there is no religion superior than truth

Welcome, Estrella.  I hope you enjoy the list.  I've been on the list since
late last year and have enjoyed it enormously.  The list had its feisty
time and quiet time depending on the topic and people's time to contribute.
I gather that the hearts on this list are generally young, although with
some you might have to tickle a little. :o)


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