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Re: something to think about

Mar 30, 1997 10:04 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:18 PM 3/30/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Doss writes:
>> All the dazzling Theosophical philosophy and
>>tenets are likely to be misused by individual leaders -- who quite honestly
>>being mislead themselves and thus misleading the followers.
>>        Something to think about.
>If our dazzling philosophy was being misused by individual leaders, then
>lets apply the same principle. Let's have a look at it, and see if it suits
>us, and if it fits into our style of thinking. Everyone has his/her own set
>of beliefs. I think it's best, if everyone adopts what resonates with their
>own belief vibes. What doesn't, one discards. That way, it's not so easy to
>get fooled. Of course, if you're very lonesome and alienated, then you might
>fall for any stinking thing where they take you in with a hug and tell you
>how nice you are. I don't know what you can do in a case like that either,
>except for a third person to try to disuade you.
Liesel: you have hit the nail on its head. many of the cults have known to
target individuals who are lonely and in trouble. I had heard of an
individual who during his viet nam days got into drugs and a cult helped him
to get out of the addiction. later has become a very successful businessman
and the cult continued to exploit his gratitude. the cult was one which got
into trouble with law in so many countries. While this man has been helping
in many social issues,  he still does not see the dark side of the cult.
Someone like him whose heart is in right place would have been immensely
helpful to his fellow beings had he been able to appreciate Theosophy. He
had been to our local lodge and that is where I met him 20 years ago.


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