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Re: Heaven's Gate

Mar 29, 1997 09:13 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:59 PM 3/29/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In message <>, M K Ramadoss
><> writes
>>        The very ancient dictum -- Man (woman) know thyself, keeps one well
>>planted firmly in oneself, because you know you have depend solely one
>>yourself and are responsible to your actions. You are going to learn about
>>yourself first hand -- not second hand. Anyone will tell you that
>>independent thinkers are very difficult to deal with because they think for
>>themselves and are not led by other's ideas or thinking.
>>        I think this very ancient approach is productive of a lot of good
>>and prevent lot of problems. I think K saw this very clearly and tried to
>>impress on this simple approach. As time passes on we may see the wisdom
of it.
>It *causes* a lot of problems.  Those who are power freaks will *move*
>"Heaven's Gate" to keep independent thinkers out, as many on this list
>can testify.  I went to a local 'Green' fair today, full of ecological
>and similar worthwhile causes - plus a certain amount of ego-tripping
>stuff.  One stall had nothing but books by *one* man, tapes (with his
>picture, bearded and gray of course), invitations to seminars by the
>same guy (flyers with - guess what - his picture on them) AND
>(aaarrrrgh!) the real McCoy sat behind the stall.  The production
>quality of the books and tapes etc. was superb, suggesting there must be
>monry and/or a following behind this man (who I had never heard of
>before, and from the look of him, hope never to again).

What is the name of this man and his organization? May be interesting stuff?


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