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heaven's gate

Mar 29, 1997 01:05 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

To add to Toa's positive statement of the Internet, I love it too, and I
know my friends do too. There are no theosophists in Syracuse, where I live,
and theos-l gives me a chance to talk about Theosophy and related matters.
Also I'm getting to be more & more sedentary at my stage of life, and the
computer gives me somewhat of a chance to socialize, maybe not the same as
face to face, but lots better than not at all.  However, I live with a bunch
of older people, most of whom are afraid of computers, because they're
really too old to learn how to work them, so I'm forever having to tell
these guys that the Internet, to many people, is something much more
positive than dirty sex and hanging on to cults. That's all the newspaper
hardly bring about the Internet, so that's what they pick up.

In my building, they're all shocked about these 38 people who committed
suicide. When they show TV pictures of the guy who led the cult, I can't
look at him. He looks like a ghoul. It's a sad commentary on mind over
matter, or what lonely people won't do, and believe in, to find a group to
belong to. To me it highlights that one must choose one's belief system with
great care, and a great deal of thought and weighing. I agree with Toa, as,
I think, all thinking Theosophists do. "Work out your own salvation with
diligence." and not on someone else's tail ... unless that tail is tried and
true, according to your own judgement.


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