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In Case Anyone Is Interested:

Mar 24, 1997 06:34 PM
by E. J.

Comet Hale-Bopp is closest to Earth today, March 22, at around 20 deg.

Aries, also the day before a partial lunar eclipse at 3 deg. 35 Libra/Aries.
This is also two days after the Spring Equinox! And those recent Aquarian
Harmonic Convergences and stelliums included not only many asteroids, but ...

Comets are chunks of ice and interplanetary dust, unlike asteroids which
are lumps of dirt and minerals. Personally I resent them calling comets "dirty
snowballs". Stardust is not exactly common filth. Comets were born in the
outskirts of our solar system, the Oort Belt, where they've remained for 4.6
billions years, since the Big Bang. So looking at them is really looking back in
time. Sometimes they become jolted out of this belt - perhaps when
Earthlings need some new sort of archetypal stardust - and begin an orbit around
our Sun. Hale-Bopp's orbit is  2,000-3,000 years. It is 120 million miles from
Earth and was spotted 1-1/2 years ago, providing a rare oppotunity for a
long look and examination of its gas molecules.

It has 2 tails!! One white, made of dust particles; and one blue, made of

Before March 20, look east and to the left before sunrise; afterward
March 20 look west, to the right at sunset.

I think that since they are so ancient and suddenly move into our orbital
perspective is very profound; something extremely primeval and primordial, yet
new for our consciousness. Or some sort of reminder.

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