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Re: A Thought On The "GOD" Question

Mar 24, 1997 06:58 AM
by JRC

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997 wrote:

> The earth is not sacred, any more than a car is.  You drive the car until it
> wears out and then you get a new one.  The same is true of planets.  We have
> universe full of them to choose from and all we need is the drive system to
> get them.
> Chuck the Heretic
Yes, but a little maintenance and good driving and car care habits will
make a good car last much longer. Only difference between a car and a
planet is that if someone wants to take their car for granted and drive it
into the ground in a year or two, its their business - but those who act
with the same attitude towards the planet are making the choice for
ever other person and species as well.

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