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Human Cloning

Mar 19, 1997 11:34 PM
by DSArthur

I wrote> ... there were a number of scientists (albeit a minority) who had
reservations about developing nuclear weapons.  As history has shown, their
views did not prevail.
You replied>> Hmnnn, perhaps their views should have prevailed ....
I write> In this century alone before nuclear weapons were developed there
were two ("count 'em") Two world wars.  Have you noticed how many
world wars we've had since the dawn of the atomic age?
I wrote> ... new technologies have a way of developing a life of their own
You replied>> If this conclusion is true, who is really in control - humanity
or technology?
I write> For all practical purposes --- technology!
I wrote> ... lead, follow or get the #### out of the way.
You replied>> Whoa, definitely disagree here.  According to the above
statement, those who would like careful deliberations ... would be con-
sidered the folks who should "get the #### out of the way."
I write> Wrong, Kym!  Those are the folks who should be LEADING!
You wrote>> What about the rights of those who are cloned?
I write>  Easy question --- they will have the same rights as anyone else.
You wrote>> Is it ethical to clone someone for organs?
I write> No!
You wrote>> What reason would a woman have for carrying a clone
if it is not going to be her child?
I write> Another easy question --- the same reason(s) as any other
surrogate mother.
You wrote>> How will society treat those who have been cloned?
I write> Hopefully, the same as everybody else.
You wrote>> Are parents who want clones of themselves really
having children for the "right" reason?
I write> Who are we to mandate (to them or anyone else) what
the "right" reason is?
You wrote>> Who will have access to cloning technology ---
only the rich ...?
I write> This is another new technology.  The same rules apply
as for any other new technology.
You wrote>> What reason could there be for cloning a human?
I write> Certainly more reason than there is for knowingly
conceiving by natural means genetically defective babies.
You wrote>> Isn't this going to really mess with the gene pool?
I write> Your first tough question, Kym (all the others were"softballs").
Genetic diversity is obviously a factor that needs to be carefully
considered as cloning technology develops.
You wrote>> Who "owns" the clones?
I write> Who "owns" anybody else? (same answer for both questions).
You wrote>> Is cloning animals according to laboratory medical/
scientific needs and experiments really ethical?
I write (sigh)> Back to the easy questions again.  Of course it is!  It is
no more unethical than for naturally conceived laboratory animals.

   Don't be discouraged, Kym.  I happen to agree completely with
your closing paragraph.  Also, you at least seem to be examining
the cloning issue in some depth --- which is more than most people
are doing at the present time.

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