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Re: Power of Suggestion

Mar 19, 1997 10:58 AM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-03-18 15:59:24 EST, you write:

>	As a former Christian Scientist, I have to agree.  Back in the
>50s, some Christian Science friends of my family had a remote to
>the sound of their tv so they could turn off the commercials, especially
>those for medicines.  They swore that hearing about headaches
>and backaches and colds all day long on commercials would
>actually give them to you.  Modern pscyhological studies suggest
>that there is some truth to this.

Very true.  The thoughtform alone is deadly.
It may be that the remote control is the best thing to come along for
preserving health in this century.
And it works real good for muzzling politicians as well.

Chuck the Heretic

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