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Re: From Russia with Love

Mar 17, 1997 10:48 AM
by liesel f. deutsch


Please describer to me once more how you get into (y)our website. I tried it
once, when you put in my stuff, & didn't get it. Thanks.

Hope you're ok. You're not writing too much, or maybe I just think so,
because I'm not able to look in on the e-mail every day. On the days I go
for dialysis I get home pretty well shot. But on the other days, things are
improving. They say that eventually I'll be able to go about my business as
I had been doing.

During my 3 hours on the machine, I've been listening to tapes, mostly my
own, which are reproductions of the Serge King workshop I attended. I'm
still learning more from them. I'd also borrowed some tapes from Wheaton. Of
the 4 so far, 2 are too simplistic, one is about runes & interesting, & the
other I'll tell you about tomorrow. Not a very good batting average.

For my 75th birthday party looks like we'll be around 40 people. I don't
know How well I'll be able to cope with that many people, but I'm sure it'll
be fun. I invited people I really like, all except 2, which I had to include
.. family, friends, staff. MY boys are paying. That's different. No, Bob
also paid the bill for the luncheon whne my mother died. Well, if he can
afford to have Ben's mole removed for $1500 (minus whatever his insurance
paid), he can aford $400.- for my part, no $200.- they're going to share.
Besides, I don't care, I want to have a real nice party.

Is everybody around you having big upheavals too, in their lives just now?
I'm not, but 3 people around me are, & some are good, some awful.

Take care,


>Greetings to all!
>I have uploded two files forwarded by Uri Macnev from Kay Kiatz to the
>Click on the DIRECTORY link and then click on KIATZ to access these
>articles extracted from 'The Theosophist'
>THEOSOPHY INTERNATIONAL: Ancient Wisdom for a New Age:

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