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Re: Celibacy

Mar 13, 1997 05:15 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Jerry Schueler
<> writes
>What I mean here is that
>it comes naturally with the feeling of impurty and the need
>for purification.  Once that phase has been gotten through,
>it is no longer necessary.

Don't want to sound "holier than thou" Jerry, but i beg to differ.  In
my personal experience, celibacy arose when it was *necessary* for my
work. "Purity" or the lack thereof didn't come into it.  Sex was simply
a nuisance impulse which interfered with my spiritual work at the time,
and so it had to go.  Mostly it has stayed away, which I am pleased
about, but I doubt whether celibacy is *required* in the natural occult
order of things, as my understanding of 'purification' has more to do
with one's inner devlopmental state, and has more to do with being
honest with oneself than anything else. 'Purity' has too many religious
or church associations in much of its usage.

As an example, I would regard anything which obstructed the natural
production of sperm or ova as a potential 'impurity' in the biological
system, probably in need of a physician's attention, not an occultist's.

Just my two penn'orth.

Alan :-/
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