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Attempts to Kill Krishnamurti

Mar 12, 1997 11:46 PM
by ramadoss

In a recent book by Mary Lutyens, there is a very interesting revelation.

Truth seems to be stranger than fiction.

The incidents took place before 1950-51. One has only to wonder what would
have happened if Krishnamurti was killed prematurely. I was exposed to K
only in 1965.


Luyens writes:

        "He (K) said that twice she (Rosalind) had tried to kill him -- once
to push him off a station platform and the other time she hit him on the
head with a spanner. When I asked credulously why she would want to kill the
goose that laid their golden eggs, he replied, "Rajagopal thought he could
do it just as well himself", meaning that Rajagopal could take his place.
.. It is not difficult to imagine Rajagopal, who was in sole charge of all
the KWINC assets, setting up a pseudo Theosophical-Krishnamurti center at
Ojai with himself as the chief attraction."



Rajagopal was the Business Manager of K and Rosalind was Rajagopal's wife.
Rajagopal controlled the KWINC trust with vast assets until it was dissolved
as a result of a lawsuit brought against him and the other trustees by  the
Attorney General of CA and the trustees of the new Krishnamurti Foundation.
The law suit spawned other lawsuits and dragged on for 18 years and was
finally settled through the courts after K died.


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