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Re: [Dr. Matrix]

Mar 06, 1997 07:36 PM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus

Hi Titus,

You mentioned that when Gardner mentioned his meetings with Dr. Matrix in
S.A. it was in tongue-in-cheek.However, I didn't read the S.A. articles but
found the info in his book "The Magic Numbers Of Dr. Matrix" (1985 by
Prometheus Books) where he actually described his meetings in some detail.
They appeared quite real to me. I would be interested to know, for example,
if there ever was a so called "Professor T. Ignatius Marx" in the Maths
dept.of Wordsworth College in New Wye, New York in approximately 1966 - (Dr.
Matrix as Gardner found him to be).I would also be interested to know
whether there is other material on "automorphs" as he called them. Also,
whilst it sounds so totally absurd to even consider, I would also be
interested to know if there ever was a "Squaresville", and whether there is
amy further info. on what "Matrix" called "psychonumeranalysis".

love and light


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