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A Request

Mar 05, 1997 08:47 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

I'm just popping back in to address the question of private

I signed off the list to pursue a long-running writing project,
in the hopes of finishing it before the millennium.  All
private email is welcome.  However, I have no interest in
reading personal agendas, long disertations or manifestos regarding
food, the history of TS, Halle Bopp, the cloning of John
Algeo, the Masters, men vs. women, the by-laws or the
morphing of humans into carrots,

If you wish to send me this material, please send an
email and ask first if I would wish to see it.  I
consider this proper netiquette, since I have signed
off the list and given notice that I have.

Thank you,
-Ann E. Bermingham

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