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Yogurt in School Menu

Mar 04, 1997 05:00 AM
by ramadoss

There is a very interesting news item in the papers today. Finally, Yogurt
has been approved by USDA for schools. Following is an excerpt:

Kids who have beef with their school menu are getting a new alternative with
the government's blessings: yougurt for lunch.

Over strenuous objections of the cattle industry, the Agriculture Department
has decided to allow yogurt as a meat substitute in the nation's school
lunch rooms.

Yogurt is low in fat and will offer a needed alternative for children who
cannor or do not eat meat, said Mary Ann Keefe USDA's acting under secretary
for food, nutrition and consumer services.

The department already allows schools to substitute cheese, beans, eggs, and
peanut butter for meat. Yogurt will be added to the approved list of
substitutes by the end of the week, Keefe said.

Now schools will be allowed to serve it as a main lunch item, giving
children a new choice instead of the hamburgers, sloppy joes, meat loaf or
other beefy offerings on the menu.

Yogurt is likely to be a popular choice with children who are vegetarians or
from especially health conscious families, school officials say. For other
children, yogurt has been a popular snack or lunch item at home and in day
care centers.

MKR Comment:

In the Asian countries, yogurt is a very important part of their meal. They
do not buy ready made yogurt since usually they consume about 1/2 to 1
gallon every other day as it is an essential ingredient in many preparations
and at this quantity it is very expensive to buy ready made. Every family
makes make yogurt at home.

I am glad that school going children who cannot or would not eat meat, now
have one more choice. It took 15 years for USDA to approve yogurt in school

MK Ramadoss

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