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re: to exist or not to exist

Mar 03, 1997 09:55 AM
by Titus Roth (liesel f. deutsch) wrote:

>> Are the letters or photographs of them preserved somewhere? Well now you've
>> got me interested in looking.

> Titus, in case no one answered your query, the original Mahatma letters are
> stored in the British Museum, in a special vault (air conditioned I think)
> to preserve them.

Thanks. Yes I did hear that from JHE, who has photographs of them. When my
current bandwidth permits, I'll take another look at Mahatma letters ... If
I ever finish my dissertation on dreams. Sigh.

It's interesting that they would show the Mahatma letters. I hear the British
Museum is absolutely fascinating. A friend was there and said his glance
happened to fall on a little rock in a corner exhibit with a little card next
to it. Walking up for closer examination, he found the card said, "Rosetta
stone". Typical British understatement!  In America it would be sponsored by
Coca-Cola in neon signs with Rosetta stone t-shirts for sale next to it.

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