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Re: [names]

Mar 03, 1997 03:22 AM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus

I recently picked up the most remarkable numerological book I have read.
Written by Martin Gardner, a reporter for Scientific American, he talks
about a rather curious personality called Dr. Matrix, who has been called
the greatest numerologist in the world. He also claimed to be the 11th
incarnation of Pythagoras - which I can't possibly believe since it is my
belief that KH was that personality - but he showed some remarkable
mathematical skill. Has anyone heard of him? He was born in 1908 and died
about 1980 (bit of a perculiarity itself).

Thinking about names it got me thinking...

Alice A. Bailey
A:A. Lice. Bail ye!
A:A. Ice, yell b...,ai.

H.P. Blavatsky
Sky lab VAT,P.H.
taby slav H.P. K
H.P. By slav kat
By slav hat,P.K.
Phat slav,by K
Phat slab -v- K

No offence meant for the next ones...

Alan, the carrot

He at LAN, car rot
Al,rotten car,ha!!
At tor can real H.
At torr, can heal.
Hat can real rot.
He at tor can lar.

Chuck the Heretic

Heck,cut her ethic

Love and Light

Busy pen, nib jam.

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