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Re: THEOS-L digest 930

Mar 02, 1997 07:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss


There are a lot of things wrong with the world including the corporate world.

As an individual, the only thing that I can possibly do is in my own little
way support or not support a thing that I consider not acceptable to me.
This I can, not worrying about whether someone else is going to approve it
or not. Hopefully as more of us do it this way, we will see changes.


At 01:44 AM 2/26/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>>  I would like to hear more about the conditions in corporate world.
>>Talk to any young person around you living in it.  Ask them about the<BIG
>>   Now that you have a first hand experience of the conditions described
>>above, have you considered what your alternatives are? May be if we brain
>>storm and get some ideas, it may help a lot of people who have got caught in
>>the system and by the time most realize where they are heading, it may be
>>too late.
>It is not a case of what *my* alternatives are, but a case of what *overall*
>alternatives there are.  I cannot condone using the products of a society
>without being part of the production of those products.  Everytime you log
>your computer on and download your mail, you are using products produced by
>electricity generation industry, the telecommunications industry and the
>manufacturing industry, and some poor fool has to provide them for you.
>My question is how do those of us on the western path of involvement in this
>material world (I'm sure someone can tell us what ray that is) manage to
>both live a spiritual life and stay in this mess while we work to improve
>it.  It seems we have to make compromises if we wish to stay in the system
>enough to be able to act on it to be part of changing it.
>But I'm open to ideas.  My current committment is to ecological issues and I
>wonder if one of these lists could not be used for a debate such as
>eco-theosophy or eco-spirit to combine spiritual and ecological discussion?
>>And HPB got more accomplished than may 100,000 vegetarian calm individuals.
>>Let us think about her achievements and ask ourself what is really important
>>-- results that help thousands of people or nice conformity to socially
>>accepted norms (including those of "Leadbeater Theosophy Model").
>By their fruits etc.  That is why I have opted to stay in rather than get
>out, but it's tough going.
>>>What about chook, Uncle Dr Alan - is that classified as meat -  or lamb, or
>>>pork, or venison, or pheasant or lobster or flake (shark to the
>>>uninitiated).  <CLIP>
>>Chook?  A word I don't know, but I get your drift.
>Tut tut where is your English Australian dictionary.  Don't you get
>Neighbours over there in the back blocks?

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