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Food Fight/Body Wisdom

Feb 27, 1997 09:01 PM
by Thoa Tran

>        I know this sounds odd ... but the proof's in the pudding and I
>get ill about once a decade, and even then the body rights itself almost
>immediately. In fact, counterintuitively enough, I've talked a few friends
>who had weight problems into trying this and in every case it worked - at
>first it felt weird, almost naughty, to say the body could eat *anything*,
>and as much as, it wanted (what the hell kinda diet is *that* one of them
>asked laughing (-:) ... but the real trick is eating what the *body*
>wants, not what the emotions are shoveling for their own purposes, or what
>the mind is imposing to suit its own ideas -- and its suprising how
>quickly the body's voice differentiates itself from all other promptings
>when its even given half a chance.
>        I even wonder whether the diet the mind resonates with may, in
>each person's case, simply be that which is best tuned to that unheard
>bodywisdom. Perhaps (for instance) Doss has an organism that, for its
>physiology and life's purpose, would rarely if ever touch meat, while if
>Ann vehemently refused meat she might on a number of occaisions be going
>*against* her body's voice.
>        Oh well, I've babbled enough.
>                                        Good eatin' all,   -JRC

Bodywisdom and body habits.  What I have a craving for is usually a
combination of my yearning for a particular, usually ethnic, food and what
my body needs.  When I lived in an area that does not have a variety of
ethnic food, particularly Vietnamese, I would have a strong craving for it
constantly.  Now that I live in the diversified San Francisco area and can
go for any food I like, my cravings have stopped.  And of course, during the
time of the menstrual cycle, I hunt for chocolate (high in magnesium) and
men's blood :o). When I was in college and have to be careful of my food
budget, anchovies sprinkled with Tabasco sauce between two slices of toast
would satisfy me.  That is to supplement some of the funkier Vietnamese
stuff that I also like to eat.  You wouldn't want me to list the more exotic
stuff, whooo stinky!  Now, I don't care for the more exotic Vietnamese
stuff.  It doesn't have to stink and it doesn't have to be rare.

I also notice that when it is colder, I want to stay warm and eat a lot.
There's a satisfying feeling wrapped up in warm clothing and with a full
belly.  Mmmmmm  I wonder what all of our natural weights would be if we
didn't have society's unrealistic expectations of weight.  Somehow, we all
subconsciously wish to look like the ideal beautiful people.


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