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Stil-Light Liquidation

Feb 28, 1997 01:30 AM
by John E. Mead

the Board of the Stil-Light Theosophical retreat in NC is meeting this
weekend to vote on whether or not to liquidate the facility due
to lack of use.

if you have any comments or input regarding this decision please submit them to:

thanks - john e. mead

p.s.  it has occured to me that the southeast members may want
to discuss this with some of the board members.

board members are: (with e-mail access)
john e. mead
john algeo
carol ward
miles standish

John E. Mead
Owner: Theos-L etc.;
Member: TSA; Theosophy International (TI)
"Physics is impossible without imaginary numbers.
Mathematics is impossible without consciousness"

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