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Re: to exist or not to exist?

Feb 26, 1997 05:46 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>I pay as much attention to the "vibes" in writings as to their
>words. Many of the later letters contained subtle but distinct
>tone, hard to verbalize, close to glamor and egotism.

By "later" I assume you mean later in time, not later in the
book, which is not chronological (unless you have the Phillipines
version).  I would be interested in your identification of those
letters, and I would check them to see if there are any physical
differences between them and the others, or if they have physical
features in common.

Careless wording on my part. Apologies to Paul for
misrepresenting his work. Interestingly my (Freudian?) slip of
the fingers, is probably what most of Paul's critics internally
translate his thesis into, namely that he is doing away
completely with the idea of Masters. It would explain the
knee-jerk reactions of some.

I think they are offended that Paul's representation of the
Masters because it is not consistant with the party line
interpretation.  Sort of the reaction one would get from the
Christian community if someone announced that they found Jesus'
physical remains.  The reaction would be to discredit the find
(and perhaps the finder) because the party line is that Jesus
ascended to heaven and left no physical remains.

Anyway, my terse parenthetical remark was meant to express only a
belief (for what it matters) that M and KH were who they said
they were in some of the letters attributed to them. Also that
others, such as Alice Bailey, Gene Cosgrove ... etc. have also
met them. This, I think, is viewed as improbable by Paul. But
that's OK. I admire Paul's impartial search for truth and regard
him as much more of an inquiring theosophist than many of his

Who is Gene Cosgrove?  What is his story?

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