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Meat Industry Investment

Feb 26, 1997 02:59 PM
by M K Ramadoss

For anyone interested, here is a real life story:

Several years ago, one of my clients was asked to invest in a feed lot
operation. In a feedlot operation, calves are housed in buildings and fed
and fed until they growup and ready to be sent to slaughterhouse. My client,
as is his normal practice, called me and look into it. After I received the
info I told him (a) I consider any money he makes is blood money (he knows
my strong views on meat very well) and why he needs such money, (2) he does
not know anything about operating feedlots and (3) I do not know anything
about feedlot operating and he listened and decided not to invest. Couple of
years later he found out that he would have lost all his investment had he
gone ahead and was very happy he did not go ahead.

Even though he was eating meat occassionally, he told me some weeks ago that
he quit eating meat since his cholesterol has gone up. He should know better
because he is also the physician who takes care of me and my family and my
mother. This is one instance in which my putting into action what I believe
has helped someone.

BTW, as a rule in my consulting and tax practice I do not take on clients in
businesses dealing with liquor, meat industry, poulty & seafood industry,
prostitution, military and law enforcement. This policy has not hurt my


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