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Food fight!

Feb 26, 1997 02:43 PM
by Thoa Tran

>That incident told me that I was an outcast
>and should never show my medical weakness in the face of all these
>high and holy people who call themselves vegetarians.  Evidently,.God has
>singled me out to be a pariah in the midst of all the spiritual people I would
>love to sit down at the table at.  He made me different, now I understand, to
>realize there are things far worse than eating meat or only veggies.  That is
>making another human being feel like scum because they don't do something
>you do.

One great thing about being made to feel like a scum is that once you get
back on your dignified feet, you learn to trust your own judgment more than
anybody else's.  Experience of abuse under someone else's hand makes you
realize that you're better off putting yourself in your own hands.  After
that self-esteem is diamond strong, nobody can say anything that will make
you doubt yourself.  If you are in error, it is because you have figured out
for yourself that you are in error, instead of someone else making you feel
like you're in error.



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