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Re: THEOS-L digest 930

Feb 25, 1997 10:21 PM
by C Kent

>>  I would like to hear more about the conditions in corporate world.

>Talk to any young person around you living in it.  Ask them about the<BIG CLIP>

>   Now that you have a first hand experience of the conditions described
>above, have you considered what your alternatives are? May be if we brain
>storm and get some ideas, it may help a lot of people who have got caught in
>the system and by the time most realize where they are heading, it may be
>too late.

It is not a case of what *my* alternatives are, but a case of what *overall*
alternatives there are.  I cannot condone using the products of a society
without being part of the production of those products.  Everytime you log
your computer on and download your mail, you are using products produced by
electricity generation industry, the telecommunications industry and the
manufacturing industry, and some poor fool has to provide them for you.

My question is how do those of us on the western path of involvement in this
material world (I'm sure someone can tell us what ray that is) manage to
both live a spiritual life and stay in this mess while we work to improve
it.  It seems we have to make compromises if we wish to stay in the system
enough to be able to act on it to be part of changing it.

But I'm open to ideas.  My current committment is to ecological issues and I
wonder if one of these lists could not be used for a debate such as
eco-theosophy or eco-spirit to combine spiritual and ecological discussion?

>And HPB got more accomplished than may 100,000 vegetarian calm individuals.
>Let us think about her achievements and ask ourself what is really important
>-- results that help thousands of people or nice conformity to socially
>accepted norms (including those of "Leadbeater Theosophy Model").

By their fruits etc.  That is why I have opted to stay in rather than get
out, but it's tough going.

>>What about chook, Uncle Dr Alan - is that classified as meat -  or lamb, or
>>pork, or venison, or pheasant or lobster or flake (shark to the
>>uninitiated).  <CLIP>
>Chook?  A word I don't know, but I get your drift.

Tut tut where is your English Australian dictionary.  Don't you get
Neighbours over there in the back blocks?



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