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Re: THEOS-L digest 922

Feb 24, 1997 05:02 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, C Kent
<> writes
>What about chook, Uncle Dr Alan - is that classified as meat -  or lamb, or
>pork, or venison, or pheasant or lobster or flake (shark to the
>uninitiated).  All meats can go rancid and are questionable from a health
>point of view, but so is pernicious anaemia.   Be careful of that spinach
>too.  Too much can kill you, you know.

Chook?  A word I don't know, but I get your drift.  I imagine too much
anything can kill me (or you).  I was not seeking to proselytise for
veggies, only to offer an update on eating habits in the UK.  Veggie
food in supermarkets here is now big business.  I am a vegetarian from
choice, because I do not want animals killed for my food, that's all.  I
have found a diet which works for me (not Indian!).

As for other people - what they eat is their business, and so is why
they eat it.  Fried Chucky on toast might tempt some ......

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