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Re: ES & TS

Feb 24, 1997 07:32 PM
by JRC

On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, M K Ramadoss wrote:
> Liesel:
> Do you recall I had posted a msg on the closing of ES by AB for a year and
> how it was reopened.
> One of the reasons that some of the then leaders of TS told AB was that
> without some external/outside restriction(pressure) the members could not
> self-control and self-police themselves. Does it not say something? Grown
> ups need not be told what to do and what not to do?

Yes! I've long thought that it is not getting into the ES, but rather
managing to get oneself kicked out of it that marks one's fitness to meet
the Masters. The extreme psychological pressure that accompanies the
rigors of the path - as hinted at in the Mahatma Letters - would seem to
require people with stoutness of heart and depth of character who would
hardly have anything left to learn by prostrating themselves before the
authority of the likes of the ES leadership ... who have not even gotten
to the point of discrimminating between spiritual qualities and social

I propose the creation of the first Theosophical Merit Badge: A snake
swallowing its tail, enclosing the interlaced triangles, inside of which
is a picture of Chuck with a huge sardonic grin on his face - representing
the attitude of one who has understood the bizarre illusions spun by the
ES - the Badge to be given to those who quit the ES ... with added
clusters for those who go a step further and actually disturb the
propriety of the leadership enough to get themselves thrown out.

If the SD, the ML, and other glimpses of the Adepts seem to indicate
anything, it is that those beings desire humans capable of standing erect
on their own feet, not those still desirous of resting on their knees.

							Tee Hee, -JRC


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