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Re: Responses to Richard

Feb 24, 1997 05:38 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 05:05 PM 2/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Theos-l has 100+ individuals;
>>is there some common thing which we all stand for which can be
>>"communicated in words"?
>	I certainly would hope so.  The 3 propositions in the SD, if
>nothing else.  I slightly reworded these in my Enochian Physics,
>and called them the Three Fundamental Laws of Magick, giving
>HPG credit, of course.  This doubtless caused ripples of
>apoplexy in some TS arenas, and may be the reason that
>everything I write for any TS is instantly rejected (?).  Anyway,
>I call them (1) the law of duality, (2) the law of periodicity,
>and (3) the law of identity.  I would think that any magican,
>occultist, theosophist would adhere to these "laws" in some
>>I don't know about you, but I take serious exception
>>to the circumstance that my teachings may start to be even more
>>"filtered-out" because I do not see THE SECRET DOCTRINE (and related) in
>>entirely the same literal way as the entrenched powers within the Society.
>	I have never been "in" and so filteration is not necessary for me.
>>For example, the last article I submitted (a couple years' ago) was the
>>one which the AT has ever rejected (if my memory serves me).
>	I have loved your articles, being the sole attempt of Wheaton
>to address humor at all.  The AT seems to take things too seriously most
>of the time.
>>My intention
>>with "The Next Messenger" was to somewhat amusingly start introducing what
>>believe to be the most important component of HPB's Cosmogenesis and
>>Anthropogenesis:  that embedded within their "possibly semi-figurative"
>>content is a very startlingly practical ~Theosophcal Magical System~
>>in my opinion, is clearly in advance of the time-honored visualization
>	If your trying to get "magic" out of HPB, then your name has
>probably been placed on the same list as mine as Chuck.  IMHO magic
>is the natural fallout of trying to put the SD into practical application.
>>Rejection of "The Next Messenger"
>>stopped me in my tracks, however, for it even further confirmed my
>>that the TS may now just as soon prefer ~not~ to have a growing edge--even
>>it is possibly HPB's edge.
>	I already figured this out.  They rejected my book on how to
>visit the Globes of HPB's planetary chain or Gupta Vidya Model even
>though it is fully referenced throughout by the theosophical literature.
>They wouldn't even consider looking at the typescript.  Theory is in,
>practice is out.
>>So, what is my next move?  Try to start my own organization called IS
>>(Invisible Sun)?  Present the material in little
>>unpolished cyber-snippets on theos-l?
>	I have the same problem, and have not yet decided.
>Jerry S.
>Member, TI

Any and every article TSA rejects, can be published on theos-l for free. Any



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