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Feb 24, 1997 05:45 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
>    I am just stating the facts. If you have read the latter part of my msg
> you will understand. Some of my best friends and supporters of vegetarian
> diet are meat eating TS members. Also one of the best physicians I use is a
> Jewish person from Arkansas, USA who is an vegetarian. Vegetarianism stands
> on its own feet.
Doss, I would be most grateful if vegetarianism stood on it's own two leggies and
wouldn't scream in my face.  Believe it or not, I have met some militant
vegetarians in my time that have decided that their cause to make the world
vegetarian meant that they could say any rude thing to me that came into their
head.  This type of behavior is very close to what militant evangelical Christians
use when they collar you on the street corner and yell in your face.

That kind of behavior just puts me on the defensive and makes me want to
eat some meat, just for spite.  The most impressive vegetarians I have ever
met are those that quietly and joyfully practice it, without saying a word, offer
me dish to try and then give me the recipe.  Enuff said.


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