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Re: TS & ES

Feb 23, 1997 09:16 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-02-23 08:40:50 EST, you write:

>What do you do?  Stand outside Olcott with a Wendy's special in your hand?

Nothing quite so crude, though everyone at convention probably knows why I
don't eat lunch in the dining room but go across to the gyros place.  It
happens that over the years a number of us have gone to the local eateries
either to talk about something r just to go out after a program and I always
eat meat if I'm hungry simply because I like it and it's fun to watch them
deal with fact.
It's sort of like the old Cosimano family custom of going to the local
restaurant on Good Friday and eating meat next to a good Catholic family who
has to then try to explain to their little kids why they can't have a
hamburger that day.
That started quite by accident and my folks enjoyed the discomfort of those
poor folks so much that it became an annual event.

Chuck the Heretic


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