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Re: Access to addresses

Feb 22, 1997 04:51 PM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> In message <>, "Ann E.
> Bermingham" <> writes
> >If one is going to make a law releasing mailing lists to the general public,
> >then there is going to be a danger of commercial abuse.
> As a matter of interest, the Register of Electors in all UK areas are
> available to the public locally, usually in public libraries.  These
> contain the curent years list of registered adult voters, their names
> and addresses.  Commercial companies have and do make use of this info.
> Alan
> ---------
The same is the case here in the USA. The voter registration lists are
maintained at the county(district) level and is available for anyone to
use for any purpose.



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