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Re: TS & ES

Feb 22, 1997 09:39 AM
by M K Ramadoss wrote:
> Ann,
> In a message dated 97-02-22 11:40:13 EST, you write:
> >As far as I'm concerned, the regulations of one's personal habits, sex
> >included, is, as they sing, "nobody's business but their own!"
> >
> >
> Obviously, I agree.  The problem with the ES is that they got stuck in this
> Victorian thing of creating ways for other people to live and I've found that
> the only way to deal with such things is to rather pointedly do the opposite.
> There are few things as much fun as eating a rare hamburger in front of some
> good ESer's and watching them squirm.
> Chuck the Heretic

   I have always told many times that I would rather deal with and
befriend a honest person with a very high integrity and a meat eater
than a dishonest, crook who is a vegetarian. After all food is only one
of the varied factors that need to be considered.

   If the Real Founders were looking for people who will fit the present
model ESer, they would not have gotten either HPB or Olcott and we would
not have TS/T/theosophy today. And we have to understand that the
Founders and many of the Brothers directly dealt with both of them on a
continuing basis and not thru any intermediary. This is something many
do not think about and use their god given common sense.

   I will soon post a letter HSO wrote about how in 1874 he was a man of
bars, clubs and mistresses -- a man least fit in the public opinion to
have anything to do with any spiritual organization. I do not think many
would have seen this msg.



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