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An interesting piece

Feb 22, 1997 00:14 AM
by ramadoss

Here is something that is interesting I read in a local newspaper.



        A poster on my Express-News Online forum who once worked in church
called churches "among the most stressful places to work. People in
congregations are human beings. We talk about having a 'spiritual life' and
a 'personal life' and a 'business life' and a 'social life' and a 'family
life' and so on. We think of these as little compartments. This is why
people can sit in Mass on Sunday morning and then sue the hell out each
other on Monday.

        "Yes, churches and cities ought not be suing each other, but it's
just another paradox in a world full of them."

        Since there are legitimate concerns on both sides of the Boerne
church issue e-mailed a Alaskan correspondent after the case, "they're
justified in holding for the courts to decide. Let them.

        And then get on with life instead of enriching the lawyers."

        There's something worth praying for...

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