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Re: Defining Theosophy

Feb 21, 1997 02:40 PM
by Titus Roth

"Ann E. Bermingham" <> wrote:

> In the relatively short time I've been in TSA, I've gotten the impression that
> the Mahatma letters were something under glass, like an antique in a
> museum.  They are regularly taken out and studied, then put back, as if
> what was communicated in them, in their time, would always be valid.
> Forever.

> I always wonder if the Mahatmas, Masters, or whatever, could, should or
> would drop letters from my ceiling (or any one else's), what would they say
> TODAY?  Would they make changes, corrections and see things in the light of
> the coming New Age?  If truth, rolling like tumbleweed down that pathless
> land, is ever renewing itself and revealing itself in fresh form, why
> wouldn't They?

Good point.

An aside on the emphasis in some circles on the Masters. I like Gene
Cosgrove's statement in "The High Walk of Discipleship": "To those who ask to
be placed in contact with the Masters, I say that the emphasis in discipleship
is more on mastering than Masters." Such, I'm sure, was/is Their attitude as

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