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Sri Ram's protestations

Feb 21, 1997 12:30 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Thanks to Doss for posting the exchange from the Canadian
Theosophist about the ES.  It's the only public discussion of
the matter I have seen in such a forum.  While it is nice to
know that obedience is no longer an official requirement, and
that the OH is no longer considered a spiritual teacher, that
doesn't allay concern about an insidious continuation of past
attitudes.  I think ES members are indeed still likely to see
the OH as a spiritual teacher to whom obedience is owed.

Striking indeed was the explicit statement that less than 10%
of the total membership of the TS belongs to the ES.  What
would be even more striking is a statement of the number of
national section presidents (or general secretaries) are ES
members.  That's probably more like 90%.  Which would belie the
claim that the ES does not seek to influence or control the TS.


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