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Thoughts and Effects

Feb 19, 1997 09:06 PM
by E. J.

Every Thought Produces an Effect.

Down through the ages, scientists have understood the action of the law of cause
and effect as it applied to the physical sciences, but have not understood how
the same law applied to the mental realm. Every time one thinks a thought, he is
bringing the law of cause and effect into action. Around the turn of the
century, William James told us that invisible thought has its visible
counterpart in the world of visible expression. This explains the common
expression 'thoughts are things." Each thought is a cause producing a
corresponding effect.

Since man has the power of choice, he has the right to choose which thoughts he
will entertain in mind. Since he can choose the kind of thoughts that will
produce undesirable effects in his life,he is then free to part company with his
Creator and the perfect plan provided for him. Even God cannot assure him that
he will have desirable effects, free agent that he is. Even God cannot compel
man to enjoy the bliss he could enjoy were he to keep his thoughts God-centered.

Only a giant can comprehend
a giant's strength, a dwarf can
at best have only a very vague
and imperfect idea of giantly might.

Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways,  e.j.}`-`{
"Only two things are infinite,
the universe and human stupidity --
and I'm not sure about the former" - A. Einstein

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