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Re: HPB & Tibetan Buddhism

Feb 19, 1997 10:37 AM
by Drpsionic


In a message dated 97-02-18 19:57:50 EST, you write:

> While the need for
>this stage is obvious, there may be a few theosophists
>who hunger for more, who would dare to take another step
>along the path, but who lack direction.  A few have
>already addressed ways that we Westerners can stimulate
>the chakras, but more needs to be done.  The difficulty
>here is to demonstrate a viable spiritual path for
>today's Westerners that embraces the theosophical world
>view while going beyond the techniques currently
>anctioned by the Theosophical Movement, which have
>proved to be woefully inadequate.

I doubt that there are very many people, either inside or outside of the
Theosophical world, that care whether a technique is sanctioned or not.  What
the TS really needs to do is recognize that fact and stop hiding behind a
bunch of rules that no one outside the ES would follow.

Chuck the Heretic

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