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Re: Takeover fears

Feb 16, 1997 10:36 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 97-02-15 20:12:43 EST, you write:

>	No, I suspect the Catholic church would be too politically astute
>to comment (they'd have little to gain and much to lose) and the
>fundamentalists would very likely file amicus briefs *against* the TS,
>they'd love to see it perish altogether. And a whole pile of the new
>conservative class of politicians would actually feel their careers
>would be *helped* by going after an "occult" group ... *they'd* have much
>to *gain* and little to *lose* with their constituants.

I have ot disagree on this for the simple reason that the legal issues
(foreign control) would create precedent that could be used to splinter the
American Catholic church.  Their interests would demand entry on the TS side.

As far as the politicians go, hell, the State Department is sticking up for
the Scientologists of all people and congress is cheering it on.

Chuck the Heretic


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